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Nicole Eggert Granted Temporary Restraining Order Against Scott Baio's Rep

By TheBlast Staff


07/31: Brian Glicklich tells The Blast: "Nicole Eggert endless campaign of harassment continued today in court, but it was a failure. I’ve never been within miles of her in my life, nor do I ever wish to do so. What I will do, however, is represent the Baio family’s interest in having the truth told. That process will continue in the days ahead with important new developments in this matter, which she tried to illicitly squelch today. I look forward to the court date, and urge the media to attend."

Nicole Eggert was granted a temporary restraining order against a rep for Scott Baio, claiming the guy has been harassing her and getting others to harass her as well.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Eggert was granted the order against a guy named Brian Glicklich, who works for Baio. Glicklich was ordered to keep 100 yards away from Eggert, her two daughters, and her 81-year-old mother.

She claims in the documents that Glicklich, who does crisis PR, harasses her online and in the media. She writes, "He threatens to ruin my reputation, career, and constantly makes libel [sic] comments about my mental health calling me mentally ill & unstable."

Eggert claims she is ongoing therapy as a result of the "emotional distress."

She also sought to keep Glicklich from posting about her on social media, but that request was denied.

A hearing was scheduled for next month to make the order permanent.

Eggert and Baio have been engaged in an ongoing war of words for months after she accused the "Charles in Charge" star of sexual abuse. She sought criminal charges but the L.A. District Attorney eventually declined to press charges.

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