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Nicole Eggert Hints That She Knows of More Alleged Scott Baio Victims

By TheBlast Staff

Nicole Eggert is back in Los Angeles after interviewing with Megyn Kelly in New York, and she drops a major hint that there may be other victims who were allegedly sexually abused by Scott Baio on the set of "Charles In Charge."

Eggert was out walking with a friend when a photographer asked her if she knew of any other alleged victims. Eggert says she can't comment, but she hopes "they have the courage to come forward ... I stand by them."

She also claims to have "five or six" more witnesses who she claim saw Scott Baio have sexual encounters with her onset while she was still underage. Baio has denied he ever had a sexual nature with Eggert before she turned 18, and believes the actress has a history of changing her story.

The 46-year-old actress also says she has an appointment with the LAPD to officially file a police report against Baio.

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