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Nicki Minaj's Ex-Stylist Calls BS on Rapper's $12,000 Lawsuit, Demands Judge Shut Her Down

By TheBlast Staff

Nicki Minaj's former stylist is demanding the rapper's $12,000 lawsuit against him be tossed out, saying she is full of it.

On December 17, Maher Jridi filed court documents in response to the recent lawsuit Minaj filed against him, claiming she overpaid him and he refused to return the cash.

Minaj claimed to have been trying to collect on the alleged overpayment for months but he denies this allegation completely.

He also denies ever acknowledging he was overpaid or that he promised to return it. Jridi wants Minaj’s lawsuit to be thrown out and his original $72,000 case against her to continue on.

Jridi actually sued Minaj first, accusing her of refusing to return expensive clothes he had borrowed from a third party.

The stylist says he worked with Minaj during 2017 and claims to have rented a bunch of outfits from a wardrobe company for her. He claims to have spent thousands on the rental clothes but never was reimbursed.

In his suit, he explained since he never returned the clothing, the company sued him and won a $74k judgment. The stylist accused Minaj of refusing to pay the bill and causing him emotional damage.

Last month, Nicki Minaj counter-sued the man claiming she overpaid him to the tune of $12,000 and said he promised to repay but never did.

She denied his claims of refusing to return clothes and demanded his suit be dismissed.

Both cases are ongoing.

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