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Nicki Minaj's Sex Offender Boyfriend Gets Tattooed With Her Name

By TheBlast Staff

Nicki Minaj will never forget her name, so long as she stays with her current boo, because it's now emblazoned on his neck.

Minaj revealed the ink in a video posted Friday night, and asked Kenny Petty if his "tat" hurt. Petty, who is currently registered as a sex offender, brushed off the pain like it was nothing. The rapper even joked in her caption that he was "frontin like it didn't sting."

For those wondering about "Onika," it's Minaj's real name.

As we reported, Petty served four years in prison after being convicted for the attempted rape of a 16-year-old girl. She told cops that he allegedly put a gun to her back and then directed her to his home where she claims he raped her and threatened her with a knife.

Petty later served seven years in prison for a manslaughter conviction following the shooting death of a man in Queens. However, throughout all the criticism, Minaj has defended her love and obviously stuck by his side.

Getting inked with your significant other's name is stereotypically a death sentence for a relationship, but perhaps this one proves us wrong.

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