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NBA Star Nick Young Bails Out of Jail After Hollywood Arrest

Nick Young had a rough night that ended with the NBA free agent behind bars.

Swaggy P was arrested in Hollywood just before midnight on a misdemeanor charge with bail set at $10,000.

LAPD tells The Blast Young was stopped for a traffic violation shortly before midnight. He failed to cooperate, interfered with the officer’s investigation and was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice.  His vehicle was also impounded upon his arrest, and he bailed out of jail around 3 AM.

Just before his arrest, Young appeared to be at a basketball event for EA Sports with rapper Lil Dicky.

Later in the night, Young filmed himself singing Wiz Khalifa’s song, Hopeless Romantic. He also tweeted out a message before the arrest that may give some insight to the mood he was in: “Try smiling when times are hard … it’s works !!!”

Young signed a one year deal with the Golden State Warriors last year and won his first NBA Championship.