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Neil deGrasse Tyson Agrees We Need to Ditch Daylight Savings

By TheBlast Staff

Neil deGrasse Tyson isn't about to get all riled up over the push to end daylight savings time, but he agrees it's a highly antiquated practice.

Tyson, who may be the most famous astrophysicist in the world, was in NYC when he was asked about the most important prop during the midterm elections, whether to cancel daylight savings.

The prop in California actually called for a permanent daylight savings time measure to get rid of all the spring forwarding and falling back that we annually endure.

Tyson says these days society does what they want when they want to do it, so the implementation of the daylight savings is "completely irrelevant."

It appears Californians agree with the astrophysicist, because the prop passed with an overwhelming amount of votes.

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