Our Favorite TV Bosses for National Boss’ Day

Some of the most beloved characters on television also happened to be in charge at the office … and no better time to recognize our favorites than on October 16 for National Boss’ Day!

Scroll through our list … did your favorite make the cut?

  • Michael Scott — You can’t include a list of bosses and not recognize the guy who actually has the “World’s Best Boss” mug.


  • Selena Meyer — It would be rough working for the star of “Veep,” but few people deliver a better insult to an assistant than Meyer.


  • Jack Donaghy — If we all had a high powered studio exec we could turn to for advice and insults … we would probably be as crazy as Liz Lemon.


  • Mr. Burns — He gave the workers all the tartar sauce they could handle, but then he released the hounds on them.


  • Leslie Knope — If everyone was as passionate as Leslie Knope was about her job and employees, the world would be a better place.


  • Tony Soprano — He wasn’t always the most merciful boss, especially if you wore your hat in a nice Italian restaurant, but he sure did love those ducks.


  • Cookie Lyons — As the HBIC at “Empire,” nobody second guesses her decisions … plus her wardrobe is fabulous.


  • Don Draper — We learned everything we could about advertising from the founder of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, and whether you agreed with what he said or not … he was usually right.


  • Bruce Springsteen — The Boss … that is all.