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Nas Accuses Kelis of Refusing Him Visitation with Son, Wants Custody Schedule

By TheBlast Staff

Nas says he's tired of Kelis picking and choosing when she feels like letting him have visitation with their eight-year-old son, so he has gone to court to hammer out an official custody schedule.

Nas says he has "tried to work cooperatively with Kelis over the years," but the "Milkshake" rapper only "allows" him to exercise his custody with their son "when she deems it convenient for her."

He says Kelis chooses when she will allow him custody of the child, and then for months at a time will "refuse to set up time for our son and me to spend time together."

The "One Mic" rapper has proposed a schedule for the two parents:

Nas wants the child on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekend of every month. The child will spend Mother’s Day with Kelis and Father’s Day with Nas, and they each get to celebrate their own birthday with the child.

As for the other holidays:

  • Kelis gets Halloween in even years, Nas gets odd.

  • Kelis gets July 4 in even years, Nas gets odd.

  • Kelis gets Summer Break in odd years, Nas gets even.

  • Kelis gets Thanksgiving in odd years, Nas gets even.

  • Kelis gets the child’s birthday in odd years, Nas gets even

The proposed schedule doesn't map out Christmas specifically, but it does mention a December/January school break.

Kelis and Nas got married in 2005 and she filed for divorce in 2009. The divorce was finalized in 2010.

The judge has not yet ruled on Nas' request.

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