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Pablo Escobar's Family Wants 'Narcos' Shut Down Or Fear More Will Die

By TheBlast Staff

The family of Pablo Escobar thinks Netflix is responsible for the death of a location scout while on the job for "Narcos," and wants production shut down in fear of other deaths.

The Blast spoke with reps for Roberto Escobar, Pablo's brother and current head of the family. We're told he is outraged after learning Carlos Muñoz Portal was found riddled with bullet holes in an extremely violent region of Mexico while scouting locations for the next season of "Narcos."

Escobar, who still lives in Colombia, has been locked in a long-term legal battle with Netflix after claiming the studio is defaming his brother and using his image without proper authorization. The family's company, Escobar Inc., owns the rights to multiple trademarks of Pablo Escobar and tell us:

"We are peaceful people. Netflix are the Pirates of the ocean. They think they can boss people around and not pay. People should boycott their show! Their negligence makes people die for nothing!"

The family believes Netflix is playing with fire by filming in dangerous locations crawling with cartels, telling us, "People are dying. It’s not safe to film shows about drug lords. Unless you pay them."

They also point out that Netflix has another project set to premiere based on infamous Mexican drug lord, "El Chapo."

Escobar, Inc. CCO Daniel Reitberg tells us the loss of Portal is a tragedy and if they get any money out of Netflix in the "Narcos" fight, they will gladly donate a portion to his family.

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