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Murphy Brown Eats Cats (Or At Least Jokes About Doing It)

By TheBlast Staff

"Murphy Brown" star Candice Bergen shared her recipe for "cat kimchi" and received a mixed reaction.

Bergen posted a photo of her lunch on Instagram yesterday along with the caption, "CAT KIMCHI!!! A recipe my friend Jim brought from South Korea. North Korea doesn’t have cats or dogs. They ate them during the Great Corgi Famine in the 60’s."

She added, "Recipe for Cat Kimchi. Kill cat, skin and poach over low flame. Approx 20 minutes. Chop into bite-sized pieces. Add fresh dill."

There was a mixed response from Bergen's followers with many thinking it was funny, some confused whether or not she was joking and a handful chiming in to express that "joking about Asians eating cats and dogs is actually a mean stereotype."

Regardless of criticism, Bergen doubled down on the cat killing and commented "I apologize for being excessive on the cats. While I am a dog person, I see no need to eat cats. First, you have to catch them."

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