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'Mr. Robot' Star Claims She's Being Extorted by Ex-Roommate from Hell

By TheBlast Staff

"Mr. Robot" star Portia Doubleday is used to her character manipulating accounts and freezing assets, but now it's happening to her in real life and the culprit is her former roommate.

Doubleday, who plays Angela Moss on the USA show with Rami Malek, filed a restraining order against an ex roommate, who she claims has been extorting her over a sublet agreement that went south.

According to the documents, obtained by The Blast, Doubleday says the roommate paid $1,300 to live in her Los Angeles apartment for the month of July, but left after 15 days. She claims that since leaving, the ex-roommate has been increasingly aggressive about demanding her money back, to the point that Doubleday says she was "really shaken by her aggressive behavior and decided to pack a suitcase and stay at my parents house during this time."

She then claims the person got her VENMO account frozen by claiming the transaction between the two was fraudulent. To just end the fight, Doubleday said she agreed to give her the money back, but claims the woman then believed she was owed more for suffering through the ordeal. Doubleday says the woman even put "false documents" in her mailbox pretending to be small claims court papers.

Finally, Doubleday says she's afraid her dog could be harmed and points to a recent allergic reaction the dog suffered as "peculiar." She says she's not "pointing fingers" but doesn't feel comfortable with the dog being outside while the woman appears to mean her ill will.

The actress says she has contacted police over the matter because now she feels that the woman is trying to extort her, and has a "stalker attitude toward me."

Doubleday wanted the ex-roommate kept 100 yards away but unfortunately the judge did not feel she had substantial evidence to warrant a temporary restraining order.

They're due in court next month.

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