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Mirai Nagasu Sticks the Landing for Sponsorship With Athletic Tape Company

By TheBlast Staff

Team USA figure skater Mirai Nagasu may not have won gold during the Olympic games, but she'll definitely be getting lots of green after already scoring sponsorships.

As you may remember, the world was a-buzz after Nagasu's historic triple-axel-landing performance last Monday and everyone noticed what looked like a USA tattoo on the inside of her right thigh.

Well it wasn't ink, it's actually elastic kinesiology tape from KT Tape ... and Nagasu is now their newest ambassador.

KT tells The Blast they were just as surprised and excited when they saw the Olympic bronze medalist wearing their tape during the global event. The company says they've had a standing deal with the United States Olympic Committee, but now Nagasu is personally on board.

CMO Russ Schledien says, "We're so excited that she has been a fan of our products all on her own!" adding, "That's exactly the type of athlete we want to work with — someone who wears it and is passionate about it [helping his or her performance]."

The 24-year-old star is also responsible for a spike in sales. We're told KT Tape has seen double-digit growth since the start of the PyeongChang games, and they expect those numbers to spike again when next week's financial figures are available. They are crediting Nagasu with their jump in sales after her historic jump on the ice.

It appears the partnership is now fully underway, because Nagasu posted about how "obsessed" she was with the tape, and credits her trainer for the introductions. Sure, credit is nice ... so is a finder's fee.

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