Millie Bobby Brown Was Stuck in Bali Near Erupting Volcano

Millie Bobby Brown found herself in a situation more dangerous than the Upside Down, because the actress was unable to get home while vacationing near an erupting volcano.

The 13-year-old “Stranger Things” star was stuck in Bali last weekend after Mount Agung began spewing volcanic ash into the air.  The airports were closed, and her four day break turned into a 10-day getaway.


A State of Emergency has been declared in Bali, and the volcano alert has been pushed to the maximum level.

The locals have been advised to evacuate their homes as the volcano continues to rain down ash, but many are refusing to leave.

Experts have been closely watching the volcano and hoping that it does not turn into a full eruption.

As for Brown, it appears she’s left Bali after flights were able to resume — good news for Netflix after they just announced the third season of “Stranger Things.”