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Miley Cyrus Called 'Ignorant' and 'Selfish' After Posing in Joshua Tree

By TheBlast Staff

Miley Cyrus is in hot water with the desert land conservationists after posing in the famous, and fragile, Joshua trees.

The "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" singer shared several pictures Tuesday showing her wearing high-fashion while hanging in the Joshua trees and activists are calling for her to take the shots down immediately.

"Dude this is photo and the fact that your flaunting these actions are not only disrespectful to the earth and the people who care to protect it but it's also either so incredibly ignorant or selfish of you to do," one tree-hugging fan said. "Please take this picture down. It encourages the destruction of these fragile trees due to their shallow roots," another wrote.

While Cyrus didn't mention the location of the photo shoot, many are speculating she was at Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California.

"This breaks my heart ... so many other cool places to climb other than the trees in JT," a commenter wrote. "i like seeing people destroy my towns trees," said another fan.
In a statement from the Mojave Desert Land Trust, Executive Director Geary Hund pleaded Cyrus to consider her celebrity status and help educate fans.

"We ask that Miley Cyrus consider her status as a public figure and remove this photo from her social media accounts in order to educate others and to prevent potential damage to Joshua trees."

Joshua Tree National Park spokesman, George Land, said, "While we would appreciate it that people would respect the fact that desert vegetation is a little bit fragile at times," adding, "we don’t want to incite people to carry out some kind of threat against Miley Cyrus, or anybody else that would do that. We would just remind her that she has a big following, people watch what she does, and it would be greatly appreciated by the Park Service and the people around the area if she would maybe curb that type of activity, especially posting it on her social media page."

Cyrus has yet to comment or take the photos down, but her picture captions say it all.

"Looking down at all the petty drama like," she wrote while posting her hugging the tree. She later shared another writing, "Monkey Bizzzzznassssss."

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