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Miley Cyrus Finally Settles Dog Attack Lawsuit with Model

By TheBlast Staff

Miley Cyrus has sent her dog attack lawsuit to live with her grandparents on the farm ... finally settling the years-old case.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Miley and model Yolande Ngom reached a settlement which will dismiss the entire case. The trial was set to begin on August 20, but the entire case is closed once and for all.

The terms of the deal will remain confidential but it would be a good guess Ngom was paid some cash.

Back in 2014, Miley’s sister Brandi was sued by Ngom, who claimed Brandi’s German Shepherd, Feather, bit Ngom at Brandi's apartment complex, which Miley paid for.

Ngom demanded Miley have to sit for a deposition about the dog and facts surrounding the case. However, the singer filed docs objecting to being grilled under oath, claiming she had no information about the case.

Earlier this year, Ngom headed to court explaining one of her lawyers uncovered a video uploaded by Miley from two years before the incident. The video shows Miley with Feather, introducing the dog to her fans and stating she is obsessed with the dog.

Ngom explained when her lawyers presented the video to Miley’s team, the singer went to court to file an amended declaration saying her original declaration was incorrect and she admitted for the first time that she had indeed been to the condo during the time Brandi lived there with the dog. Miley further said in light of learning of the video “and having my memory somewhat refreshed” she makes “clarifications” to the previous declaration.

The court found the video contradicts the declaration submitted to the court by Miley Cyrus, noting it suggests Miley actually had “great familiarity with Feather, and her behavior ..” and ordered the pop star to be deposed.

Recently, the pop star filed docs pleading with a judge to seal her videotaped deposition in the case. She feared the tape would be leaked to the media and it would cause her harm.

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