Miley Cyrus Resurrects Her Childhood Character Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus hit the time machine and went full on 2009 Hannah Montana!

The “Malibu” singer pulled off a throwback hairstyle and transformed back into the wholesome pop singer who captured the world’s heart on her childhood show.

She posted a series of pics and vids showing the world that she is embracing her innocent past while singing along to some of Hannah’s songs. Miley even shouted out the Migos for their classic song named after the character.

Cyrus was quick to point out to fans that the hairstyle was all her and that she did not use hair extensions.

Miley Cyrus

Some fans are speculating some sort of revival of the beloved Disney show could be in the works but nobody is sure if it will be a music video, sketch, or something else. It could just be Miley being Miley and having fun.

The star was quick to distance herself from her squeaky clean Disney image when she grew up and became the NSFW Miley that we know and love today. Her transformation into the “new” Miley was fully realized during her “Bangerz” tour in 2014, which featured scantily clad outfits and suggested tongue movements.

Whether she is just having fun or teasing a new project she is working on, we are all for it.

Now it’s time to re-live “Party In The U.S.A.” again.