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Miley Cyrus Pleads with Judge to Seal Her Videotaped Deposition

By TheBlast Staff

Miley Cyrus is asking a judge to seal a videotape of her being deposed about her sister's dog — as part of the years-long legal battle over an alleged attack — fearing the tape could be leaked to the media.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Miley believes if the video of her deposition is released, it would cause damage to her reputation. She explains she is one of the most famous celebrities in the world and is often "the subject of media and tabloid speculating concerning even irrelevant minutiae details of her life."

She claims the plaintiff in the case, Yolande Ngom, refuses to agree to keep it under wraps.

Ngom told the judge she does not want Miley to get special treatment for being rich and famous. She says the singer has proven time and again that she is utterly unconcerned about following the law like ordinary citizens — or even telling the truth under oath — and instead seeks special privileges due to her celebrity.

Ngom believes Miley actually fears she could be embarrassed by the "implausibility of her own testimony" during the depo. She says she bent over backward to accommodate Miley for the depo by moving the location to a rented Hilton room due to the singer insisting on being represented by no less than three lawyers.

In her documents, Ngom claims the testimony Miley gave can be characterized as fluctuating between "utterly implausible" and "willfully false."

She denies ever leaking information from the case and is demanding the judge deny Miley’s request to seal her videotaped depo.

The judge has yet to rule.

Back in 2014, Miley’s sister Brandi was sued by Ngom, who claimed Brandi’s German Shepherd, Feather, bit Ngom at Brandi's apartment complex, which Miley paid for.

Ngom demanded Miley have to sit for a deposition about the dog and facts surrounding the case. However, the singer filed docs objecting to being grilled under oath, claiming she had no information about the case.

Earlier this year, Ngom headed to court explaining one of her lawyers uncovered a video uploaded by Miley from two years before the incident. The video shows Miley with Feather, introducing the dog to her fans and stating she is obsessed with the dog.

Ngom explained when her lawyers presented the video to Miley’s team, the singer went to court to file an amended declaration saying her original declaration was incorrect and she admitted for the first time that she had indeed been to the condo during the time Brandi lived there with the dog. Miley further said in light of learning of the video “and having my memory somewhat refreshed” she makes “clarifications” to the previous declaration.

The court found the video contradicts the declaration submitted to the court by Miley Cyrus, noting it suggests Miley actually had “great familiarity with Feather, and her behavior ..” and ordered the pop star to be deposed.

The case is ongoing.

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