Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Memorabilia Museum Already ‘Gone Too Soon’

If you planned on heading out to Hollywood to see Michael Jackson’s famous relics, don’t hold your breath — the deal has ended up in court before the doors even opened.

Richard Fossaas is a Michael Jackson superfan from Norway who claims to have traveled the world amassing a collection of over 3,000 items, including a signed “Thriller” jacket.

In a lawsuit obtained by The Blast, Fossaas says he entered into an agreement with Henry Vera to open up an MJ museum in Hollywood, with Vera securing the location in return for 30% of the business.

It turns out, Fossaas claims, Vera had no contacts that could help them find a home for the museum and the deal went belly up. He also claims Vera borrowed $20,000 and never paid it back.

Fossaas is suing to void his agreement with Vera, collect damages, and get his twenty grand back.

We reached out to Vera for comment — so far, no word back

BTW – seeing as the actual Michael Jackson estate was never involved in the deal, it’s a good chance the museum would never have seen the light of day.