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Michael Jackson Accuser Tried to Sell Memorabilia Anonymously, Auction House Wouldn't Allow It

By TheBlast Staff

Michael Jackson's most outspoken accuser symbolically burned some MJ memorabilia in "Leaving Neverland" but not before he sold off some other items years earlier ... and he tried to do it on the down low.

In the final credits of the controversial documentary, Wade Robson can be seen burning a sequin glove and a jacket from the music video for "Thriller." Director Dan Reed said in an interview with VICE that photographic evidence "suggests those were the real deal."

Julien's Auctions, who handled an auction of Jackson memorabilia in 2011, responded to a few fans questioning the validity of the items Robson burned. The auction house responded by saying, "Wade consigned his collection to us directly. He was the person who we paid when we sold his collection. He needed the money."

They added, "Wade asked to remain anonymous and said that he did not want anyone to know that it was him selling it the items in 2011. But we did not agree to that and listed it as the Wade Robson collection. He consigned multiple items and wanted us to sell all items of his that had value."

According to Julien's website, they sold two items that Robson provided them: a pair of black spandex, fingerless forearm gloves from the music video for "Bad" and a fedora from the music video for "Smooth Criminal."

Michael jackson Bad gloves

Michael Jackson hat from Smooth Criminal

The fedora sold for $49,920 and the gloves fetched $31,250.

It does not appear Robson ever put the "Thriller" items up for sale.

Sources close to the estate tell The Blast they believe this is more evidence that Wade Robson is doing this for monetary gain and he is not a true victim.

The estate for Michael Jackson filed a $100 million lawsuit against HBO last week for their decision to air the documentary. They argue that Jackson has a "longstanding contractual relationship" with HBO and believe there is a non-disparagement clause that was breached.

Robson and Dan Reed have both said that Robson was not paid for his appearance in the film.

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