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Michael Jackson Fans Shut Down in Appeal Over Alleged Fake MJ Songs

By TheBlast Staff

The estate of Michael Jackson is doing a legal moonwalk after walking away with a big victory against a class action suit from fans who claimed they put a fake Jackson vocal on his posthumous album.

The case was being heard by the appellate court, with the two main issues being whether the alleged misrepresentation of MJ on the album being legit violated California's Unfair Competition Law and the Consumers Legal Remedies Act.

On Tuesday, the California court of appeals ruled that an alleged fake MJ vocal was not solely used to promote the sale of the album, and the "representation about the identity of the singer amounted to a statement of opinion rather than fact."

The opinion from the judges also reinforces the stance that the MJ Estate and Sony Music did not record the vocals themselves, nor were they present when they were recorded. They did, however, have the tracks vetted to the best of their ability and analyzed by experts who concluded that the vocals were the King of Pop.

As we reported, the estate went on the defensive earlier this week when it was erroneously reported that they had admitted to a fake MJ being used on the album.


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