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Michael Cohen Gets Prison Advice from Ex-Otisville Inmate 'Boston' George Jung

By TheBlast Staff

Michael Cohen could serve his three-year prison sentence at FCI Otisville and if he does, he'll have a pretty great time there ... according to one of Otisville's most infamous ex-inmates, George Jung.

The Blast spoke with Jung — the notorious cocaine smuggler who served as the inspiration behind 2001's "Blow," starring Johnny Depp. Jung, nicknamed Boston George, was an inmate at Otisville in the mid-'90s and is confident Cohen will enjoy serving his time inside the Mount Hope, New York prison.

"He was Trump's puppet for a long while, he has a lot to say and he'll have a lot of time to find himself there," Jung tells The Blast.

Jung suggests that Cohen "should really write a book. They have computers and a library there. It would be a best seller."

He characterized FCI Otisville as a "pretty laid back, chill place," and says the inmate population consists of "a lot of mobsters and Jews."

Jung says that he enjoyed his time inside the prison, compared to other institutions. He says the facility, which serves as a medium-security prison, has excellent exercise equipment as well.

"I was treated really well there, they even gave all those special visits to Johnny Depp when he wanted to meet me," Jung says, referencing his visits with Depp inside the prison while the actor was working on the film.

As far as Cohen himself, Jung has a pretty simple opinion on Trump's ex-lawyer" "I like Cohen because he's destroying that bastard Trump."

George Jung pleaded guilty to three counts of conspiracy and served nearly 20 years behind bars. He was released from prison on June 2, 2014.

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