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Non-Royals Looking to Spark a Profit Off Meghan Markle's 'Sparkle'

By TheBlast Staff

Meghan Markle is settling into her new life across the pond, but she's going to have to be vigilant against defending herself from wheelers and dealers in America who want to cash in on the Markle magic.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, two separate guys filed the day before the royal wedding to register versions of "Markle Sparkle," the term some have used to describe the former actress' charm and elegance.

One guy is trying to register "M Markle Sparkle" and plans to use the Duchess' name to promote a line of hemp products and smoking accessories. He even mocked up a logo with "Markle" set against a stylized cannabis plant leaf.

The other applicant wants his "Markle Sparkle" to include jewelry, dresses, alcoholic beverages, dolls' clothing and of course "herbs for smoking."

It was recently announced that Markle's 25-year-old nephew Tyler Dooley was going to try and market a strain of marijuana called "Markle Sparkle," so it seems others have jumped on the THC train.

Even though it's a cheeky idea, the two applicants pretending to have any connection to the Duchess of Sussex is a load of codswallop. As we reported, the USPTO has been vigilante about shutting down opportunists who try and cash in on the recent royal obsession.

There's a good chance these attempts will also go up in smoke!


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