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Meat Loaf Sued for Allegedly Doing Anything for a Song (But He Shouldn't Do That)

By TheBlast Staff

Meat Loaf left a bad taste in the mouth of two songwriters who claim he jacked their tune and turned it into his monster ballad, and now their music publisher has filed a lawsuit.

Enclosed Music LLC claims they represent two writers named Jon Dunmore Sinclair and Mike Molina who wrote a song in 1989 called “[I’d do] Anything for You.”

They claim a lawyer who worked for the writers later ended up working with Meatloaf, and in 1993 “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)” hit the airwaves and became hugely successful.

Enclosed says Meat Loaf's song shares extremely similar traits to Sinclair and Molina's, including the chord progression.

They also say the lawyer who allegedly screwed them once mentioned that Meat Loaf was looking for new music, and the whole situation seems very suspicious.

As to why they waited 24 years to file suit, that remains unclear. The statute of limitations is 3 years after the last infringing act, and the suit explains the song was most recently used in Seth Rogen's 2016 movie, "Sausage Party."

Enclosed wants an injunction preventing Meat Loaf from using their song any further, as well as what would surely amount to a truckload of cash in damages. They also set up a nifty YouTube video explaining their case, take a listen to both tracks.

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