‘Me, Myself & I’ Kid Pulling in Good Money for All Three of Him

One of the stars of the new sitcom “Me, Myself & I” is making great money for himself, and it’s not Bobby Moynihan or John Larroquette.

According to his contract, Jack Dylan Grazer earns $17,500 per episode for his role as Young Alex on the CBS show.

14-year-old Grazer is locked in for all nine of the episodes in season one, and will get a bump to $18,200 if the show gets picked up for a second season.

He also gets 5% of all the merchandise sold.

Grazer plays the younger versions of Moynihan and Larroquette on the show … his scenes take place in 1991.

Using the U.S. inflation rate, and the magic of television time hopping … if Young Alex made the same $17,500 in Mid-Life Alex’s timeline, it would be worth $31,451.95.  If it was in Older Alex’s timeline it would be worth an estimated $65,853.39.

Here’s to the future.