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Ex-Employee of Late Billionaire Matthew Mellon Demands $1 Million for Alleged Non-Stop Masturbation

By TheBlast Staff

The estate of billionaire Matthew Mellon has been hit with a $1 million claim by a former employee who accuses the late banking heir of constantly masturbating in front of her and demanding she cook drugs for him.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Laura Banuelos claims that the first act of harassment took place in September 2017, when she claims Mellon asked her to bring breakfast to his room. She claims when she entered, he was masturbating.

“He knew that she was coming to his room. She looked at his face and he looked at her face. He continued to masturbate. She left the breakfast and quickly left the room," the documents state.

In October, she claims he asked her to bring him headphones and when she entered his room, he was masturbating again. He continued masturbating, so she left the room.

Then a second time in October, she accuses him of asking her to bring him clothes but when she entered his room he was naked and masturbating and didn’t stop.

Banuelos says the following month, she was summoned to his room on two occasions and he was ... you guessed it ... masturbating both times.

According to court docs, Banuelos also claims during her employment with Mellon, he was constantly walking around naked in front of her. She says he would leave the bathroom door open so she would see him using the toilet.

The ex-employee says Matthew Mellon told her "that she had to learn how to cook drugs (cocaine and heroin) if she worked for him. She was asked to prepare drugs for him. He constantly pressured her into taking drugs, but she refused."

Banuelos also alleges, "On one occasion, he offered to buy a house for her, pay off her IRS debt, pay her child’s tuition and give her money in return for traveling with him and having sex with him. When she refused, he fired her."

She is seeking $950,000 for the alleged sexual harassment and the resulting severe emotional distress.

The banking heir battled addiction for years and checking into rehab numerous times in his life. He spoke openly about his OxyContin habit and told Page Six he was spending $100,000 a month and taking up to 80 pills per day before checking into rehab in 2016.

Mellon died earlier this year on his way to another attempt at rehab in Mexico. He was 54.

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