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Mariah Carey Sues Former Personal Assistant, Claims Woman Tried to Blackmail Her With 'Intimate Videos' for $8 Million

By TheBlast Staff

6:30 PM PT — Now Mariah's former assistant has filed her own lawsuit against the singer, as well as her former manager, Stella Bulochnikov for workplace harassment, whistleblower retaliation and wrongful termination.

A lawyer for Shakhnazaryan tells The Blast, "These baseless allegations are an attempt to attack my client’s character and deflect attention away from a workplace harassment and wrongful termination lawsuit she filed today against her former employer, Mariah Carey. My client never did anything she wasn’t specifically asked to do while working in the course and scope of her job as a personal assistant.

The attorney adds, "Her lawsuit is about holding her employer accountable for severely inappropriate behavior that caused tremendous stress and emotional turmoil."

Mariah Carey claims her former assistant secretly recorded her without her permission and attempted to blackmail her with the videos and now the singer is suing.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Mariah claims she hired a woman named Lianna Shakhnazarian to be her executive assistant in March 2015. She claims Shakhnazarian was hired with an initial starting salary of $250,000 (which increased at one point to $327,000).

But Mariah claims Shakhnazarian "turned out to be a grifter, a Peeping (Tom)asina and an extortionist."

In the lawsuit, Mariah claims Shakhnazarian "secretly filmed Mariah engaged in personal activities which, if revealed ... would be personally embarrassing and professionally damaging to Mariah."

Mariah Carey further describes the videos as "intimate moments" that were filmed inside her home.

She also says that Shakhnazarian "blackmailed Mariah by threatening to 'go public' with the videos she surreptitiously took of Mariah without her consent unless Mariah paid her $8,000,000."

Mariah also claims that Shakhnazarian told a co-worker if the singer ever fired her, she "would sell the video for profit and buy herself a home."

Speaking of buying things ... Mariah also claims that Shakhnazarian "regularly made purchases for her personal benefit on credit cards provided to her by Mariah exclusively for business purposes."

Mariah Carey is suing for breach of contract, extortion and invasion of privacy. She is seeking damages in excess of $3,000,000 and she wants a judge to rule that any goods Shakhnazarian purchased with Mariah's money be declared hers.


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