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Happy 48th (or 49th) Birthday to Mariah Carey!

By TheBlast Staff

Mariah Carey is a living legend, a musical goddess and all-around icon, and today we get to celebrate the majesty of Mimi because it's her birthday!

We were going to send Mariah those giant number balloons that the kids are into on The Gram but there was a flaw in the plan ... do we get the 4 and the 8 or the 4 and the 9?

(Ok, we weren't actually sending Mimi balloons but only because she never shared her home address with us. Weird, right?)


Anywho, after *much* investigative research, we uncovered that we didn't know if Mariah turns 48 or 49 today because her actual birthdate is a mystery. Even Wikipedia isn't sure!

You used to never ask a woman her age but the internet made that kind of obsolete AND aging is not actually a bad thing. Alas, somehow we don't know for sure how long the "Hero" singer has graced us with her magnificent presence on this earth.

Turns out Mariah Carey really is timeless.

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