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Mariah Carey Accuses Ex-Assistant of Refusing to Keep 'Intimate Videos' Under Wraps

By TheBlast Staff

Mariah Carey has gone back to court in her $3 million battle with her former assistant, accusing the woman of refusing to agree not to release the "intimate videos" the assistant allegedly secretly recorded.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the pop star is pleading with a judge to force her former assistant, Lianna Shakhnazaryan, to agree to a protective order in their dueling lawsuits.

The singer says she wants to limit the release of her financial, sensitive, private and confidential information. She had sent over an agreement to Shakhnazaryan, that would have both of them not to release any of the evidence in the case, and would include any videos taken by Shakhnazaryan without Carey's knowledge.

Carey says she does not want these videos out to the public but her former assistant is refusing to agree not to release the vids. The singer calls this nothing more than her continued attempt to blackmail her into paying a substantial settlement to prevent the material from being released.

She believes Shakhnazaryan wants to use the lawsuit to show witnesses, the court and others the "embarrassing videos," saying the woman has shown them to her family and friends.

Carey wants the court to enter the protective order with strict consequences if anything is leaked.

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Mariah Carey originally sued Lianna Shakhnazaryan in January, accusing her former assistant of trying to blackmail her for $8 million with “intimate videos” filmed without her permission.

The singer said she hired her in 2015 to be her personal assistant. She claimed claims Shakhnazarian “turned out to be a grifter, a Peeping (Tom)asina and an extortionist.”

The singer sued Shakhnazarian for $3 million in damages.

Shakhnazarian then hit Mariah — along with Mariah’s former manager, Stella Bulochnikov — with her own lawsuit, accusing the pop star of wrongful termination, whistleblower retaliation, and harassment.

Last month, Carey went to court pleading for a judge to quash subpoenas sent off by Stella seeking her private medical records in the case.

The singer also wanted Stella shut down in trying to get all communications between Stella, Nick Cannon, the ex-assistant and other team members from 2015-2017.

Stella specifically is looking for any discussion that was had regarding “Mariah Carey’s impaired mental status, impaired cognitive functioning, impaired perception, manic episodes, psychosis, and/or delusions.”

She also demanded Mariah turn over all communications between the team talking about “Mariah Carey’s alcohol consumption and/or use of marijuana, illegal drugs and/or narcotics” along with any alleged refusal to take medications and any information about the effects of “Mariah Carey’s Bipolar Disorder.”

Mariah and Stella had their own separate legal battle, which was settled earlier this year.


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