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Ex-NBA Star Marcus Camby's Wife Files for Divorce Following Secret Love Child, Claims He Exposed Her to STD

By TheBlast Staff

The wife of former NBA star Marcus Camby has filed for divorce not long after the news he fathered a secret love child came to light and claims he allegedly exposed her to an STD.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Eva Camby filed for divorce from Marcus after nearly 14 years of marriage. The two married in July 2005 and ceased living together on April 5, 2019. They share two minor kids.

In her petition for divorce, Eva accuses Marcus of causing her personal injuries and claims he “repeatedly and continuously committed adultery, including fathering an extra-martial child.”

Eva wants the prenuptial agreement they signed to be thrown out, saying it is "unconscionable" and claims she signed the deal "under duress."

In addition, Eva claims that Marcus "contracted an infectious disease" and "intentionally exposed" her to it. She says she is unsure if she has "contracted the infectious disease."

Marcus Camby responded to the divorce and asked the judge to enforce their 2005 prenuptial agreement. He is seeking 50/50 custody of their kids and wanted the judge to order his ex to not trash him on social media or hide their kids from him.

In regard to the STD allegation, he argues Eva's claims are barred because of the statute of limitations and “consent.”

The case is ongoing.

As The Blast first reported, Marcy Camby reached a child support and custody deal in December 2018 with a woman named Noemi Valdez.

The two agreed that Camby is the father to Makiah Camby, born in 2011. Valdez will have primary custody and Camby will see his daughter two times a month, for three hours each visit.

Camby will pay $4,000 in child support per month and both of them will cover any medical expenses. He will not have to pay for private schooling unless he agrees on the specific school.

Valdez originally sued Camby seeking child support and full custody of their 7-year-old daughter, accusing the former NBA star of having a “pattern of child neglect.”

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