Mally Mall Denies He Was Raided for Human Trafficking, No Evidence or Arrest

Mally Mall is shooting down reports that the raid on his home had to do with human trafficking, and wants the erroneous report cleared up ASAP.

The Blast just spoke with the “Love and Hip Hop” star, who was been released since being detained with officials while his house was raided early Wednesday morning.

Mally wants to make it clear that nothing he was accused of had to do with human trafficking, and believes the reports are damaging to his character.

The human trafficking allegations came about because a spokesperson for LAPD told the media that one the search warrant dealt with human trafficking, along with exotic animals.

However, The Blast has obtained a copy of the actual search warrant from Fish and Wildlife, and it only mentions the exotic pets.

The hip-hop producer admits the raid was over the alleged trafficking of exotic animals, however he claims to have all the proper licensing for his pets and plans on fighting any citation he receives.

Mally, who also wants it known he was NOT ARRESTED during the visit by police, had his Serval cat seized by authorities. The reality star says he provides excellent care for his exotic pets and believes he adhered to all the legal formalities in dealing with the animals.

As we reported, Rae Sremmurd rapper, Swae Lee, had his home hit by agents Wednesday morning at the same time as Mally Mall and had a spider monkey seized by officials.

Mally’s attorney, Steve Sadow tells The Blast, “Any claim by LAPD that this case has to do with human trafficking is simply a lie.”