Mally Mall Filing Police Report Against Woman for Alleged Extortion, Evidence Turned Over to Authorities

Mally Mall believes a woman he had a consensual interaction with is trying to extort him for money because he’s famous, so his legal team is filing a police report, along with evidence, to allegedly expose her accusations as lies.

According to sources close to the situation, the “Love and Hip Hop” star will be turning over text messages and phone calls to officials regarding a woman who claims she was flown from Texas to Mally’s house in Los Angeles and then allegedly sexually assaulted.

Mally adamantly denies all the allegations of abuse and claims he had a consensual sexual relationship with the woman. However, he says after a weekend of hooking up she contacted him claiming he had given her an “infection” and is now demanding that he pay her big money ASAP.

The LAPD is investigating the situation after she alleged sexual assault.

The Blast has obtained some of the evidence, specifically text messages between Mally and the woman, which the music producer plans on turning over to police when he files his report.

According to the text messages, the woman claims she was experiencing pain and swelling in her vagina after seeing Mally, and told him she needed “medicine” for the infection.

When the music producer offered to help get her medicine, the woman claimed she really needed the money ($2,000) and demanded that he send cash.

Along with text messages, Mally plans on submitting a phone call between his manager and the woman to police as evidence of possible extortion. According to the audio, obtained by The Blast, the woman informs the manager she has made sexual assault allegations against Mally, and asks for a written agreement that guarantees monetary payments in exchange for not participating in the investigation.

We’re told Mally, and his legal team, believe the communication from the woman and demand for payment fits the bill for extortion. We’re told the reason they recorded her on the phone is because they felt she was committing a crime and wanted to collect the evidence.

As we reported, officials descended upon Mally’s home Wednesday morning as part of an investigation into the trafficking of exotic animals. Along with the animals, LAPD officials were also investigating aspects of human trafficking related to the accusations by the woman.

LAPD officials told The Blast the human trafficking investigation is related to a sexual assault investigation, but that no arrests have been made. Mally denies he has taken part in any human trafficking, and claims no evidence was collected during the raid and points out that he was not arrested.