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Luke Perry's Latest 'Riverdale' Scene Is Absolutely Gut-Wrenching

By TheBlast Staff

Luke Perry appeared in Wednesday's episode of "Riverdale" and his scene was especially heartbreaking, almost foreshadowing he wouldn't be around much longer.

The late actor showed up in the last 10 minutes of the CW hit, arriving to FP Jones' 50th birthday bash. Walking up to FP, played by Skeet Ulrich, the two have a sentimental moment that has us in tears.

"FP Jones, as I live and breathe," Fred Andrews, played by Perry, says before coming in for a warm embrace.

"You don't get too many nights like this, you gotta soak it up," he adds.

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He ends his short conversation with FP, setting up the plot line for the rest of the season — the Jones' moving next door to him.

"We are going to be neighbors and I'm happy about it," Perry's character says, before ending the scene with another hug and walking away.

This is one of the last episodes Perry will appear in because the show was not done filming season three before his untimely death.

Luke Perry died on March 4 after suffering a stroke.

Since his death, his "Riverdale" co-stars have poured their hearts out on social media with tributes to Perry. The show's creator also promised all future episodes will be dedicated to Luke. The first episode since his passing aired last week and opened with an "In Memoriam," however this week's episode did not.

Perry's death certificate was released on Wednesday and listed a funeral home in Tennessee as his final resting place. We've learned that is not the case and the family is keeping the location of his burial private.

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