Luis Fonsi ‘Honored’ Over ‘Despacito’ Overload During Olympic Figure Skating

Luis Fonsi got quite a surprise the other night when his hit song with Justin Bieber was used by not one … not two … but THREE figure skating teams during official Olympic competition in PyeongChang.

Fonsi tells The Blast, “I’m honored that Olympic skaters from different parts of the world have been inspired by my song,” adding “Music connects us all and I’m happy to indirectly go along for the ride.”

The smash hit was first used by China’s Xinyu Liu and Shiyue Wang, then by Korea’s Alexander Gamelin and Yura Min, and finally by Polish skaters Maksym Spodyriev and Natalia Kaliszek.

PyeongChang is the first Olympics to allow skaters to choose songs with lyrics, and clearly the Latin jam is appreciated on a global level.

And now, to honor the countries that skated to “Despacito,” we present to you covers of the popular song in Korean, Chinese, and Polish!