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Chris Brown’s Accused Friend Deletes Aggressive Social Posts From Night of Alleged Sexual Assault

By TheBlast Staff

The man accused of forcibly raping a woman at Chris Brown's house removed several social media posts in the days surrounding the alleged incident, and also recently made his Instagram account private.

Lowell Grissom, who goes by the moniker Young Lo, was accused in a lawsuit this week by "Jane Doe" of imprisoning a female in Brown's home, preventing her from accessing her cell phone and raping her several times. The documents claim Brown, Grissom and an unidentified female allegedly plied guests at an after-party with drugs and alcohol, brandished several weapons and trapped them in a bedroom to perform sexual acts.

Jane Doe claims the incident occurred after she met Grissom and Brown February 23, 2017 at 1OAK, a nightclub in Los Angeles. Grissom posted two tweets that night. The first tweet asked his social media followers to meet him at the club that night and used the hashtag #FukDaBityUp. The tweet contained a link to an Instagram post that has since been deleted.

Grissom has no active Instagram posts from February 23rd or 24th which are the dates Doe claims the sexual assaults occurred. As we previously reported, paparazzi caught photos of Brown and his posse outside of 1OAK on the 23rd.

The following day, February 25th, Grissom posted a cryptic tweet writing simply, "facts" and linked to another defunct Instagram post. Grissom went on that evening to post a lyric from the song "My Collection" by Future, writing "even if I hit you once you part of my collection", as well as lyrics by Tupac, and yet another, deleted Instagram post.

The civil lawsuit alleges sexual battery, gender violence, battery, assault, hate violence, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence. The alleged crime was reported to the LAPD but, as we previously reported, the police and Los Angeles District Attorney are in the middle of a cluster trying to figure out the status of the case.

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