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Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman: Feds Considering Cutting Plea Deals, But Depends On Who Will Talk First

By TheBlast Staff

Prosecutors in the college entrance scandal have reached out to a number of suspects to inquire what they are willing to do to help themselves avoid prison, but it's unclear if including Lori Loughlin or Felicity Huffman will play ball and give up information.

Sources close to the case tell The Blast that prosecutors are seeking help to build the strongest case possible against as many defendants as they can find who committed crimes. We're told they have already reached out to a number of suspects and whoever talks first, could get the best deal.

Prison time is definitely on the table and we're told suspects are being encouraged to talk as soon as possible, and as give as much info as possible, to avoid ending up behind bars.

In this case, we're told cooperating would include admitting wrongdoing and possibly taking a plea deal and helping prosecutors convict other people involved in the scam.

We're told there is also a belief that these charges have only scratched the surface of college admission cheating, and prosecutors hope that current suspects might point prosecutors to other perpetrators.

Our sources say several elite Hollywood attorneys have been contacted to represent various defendants. While most defense attorney will advise clients not to talk, our sources say they risk losing out if people jump on a deal soon.

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