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People Are Upset With Logan Paul (Again) for Tasing a Dead Rat

By TheBlast Staff

The internet is mad at Logan Paul, yet again, and this time it's for tasing dead rats. We know, we can't believe that was a real sentence either.

The new outrage comes mere weeks after the tarnished YouTube star claimed he was remorseful for posting a video that showed the body of a person who had committed suicide, hanging from a tree in Japan.

In his latest video, Paul brings cameras on the balcony of his California McMansion to see two dead rats that he claimed were brought there by his dog. The YouTuber then proceeds to pull out a taser and electrify the rodent carcasses. Paul proceeds to use the wire that was still attached to the taser to hang them in the air.

If that's not enough, after they're disposed of, he continues to tase them in the garbage can.

Also, earlier in the video Paul (and his group of assistants? friends? lackeys?) pulled what appeared to be a dead Koi out of his Koi pond to administer CPR.

(We don't recommend watching the video but if you're curious, here it is.)

Social media did not take kindly to Paul's treatment of animals and responded as expected.

This incident isn't even the first of the week for Paul. A petition has been trying to get YouTube to remove his channel ever since the suicide video hit the web. Yesterday Paul actually posted on his social media about the petition, in a seemingly mocking tone.

Lesson *not* learned.

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