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Lindsay Lohan Pays Off Six-Figure Tax Lien Before MTV Reality Show Premieres

By TheBlast Staff

Lindsay Lohan is putting that MTV money to good use.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, Lohan recently paid off a $100,710.55 tax lien filed against her by the Internal Revenue Service.

Lilo owed $5,710.09 for the year 2010, $11,028.08 for 2014 and $83.972.38 for 2015.

Lohan settled the debt in November and now she's free and clear. Sources close to the star tell The Blast she was paid in the "mid six-figures" by MTV for her new show, and it looks like the money is already being well spent.


As The Blast reported, Lindsay isn't the only Lohan getting big deals for television, as her mother Dina has been offered $100,000 to appear on the upcoming season of "Celebrity Big Brother."

Lohan's upcoming reality show is centered around her and her staff as she runs a party club in Mykonos, Greece. In a sneak peek released by MTV, LiLo is actually the one acting professional and setting a good example, and it's her staff that needs to be put in their place.

Lindsay says she "wants to build an empire" and declares "this is not 'Girls Gone Wild.'"

"Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club" premieres for real next Tuesday, January 8, at 8:00 PM ET/PT on MTV.

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