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Lindsay Lohan Launches Internal Investigation To Find Out Why Taxes Went Unpaid

By TheBlast Staff

Lindsay Lohan is saying the $100,000 she owes in unpaid taxes isn't her fault and the Lohan's have launched an internal investigation into her financial management team to get answers.

Sources close to the star say during the years her taxes didn't get paid, her income and taxes were controlled by a management firm based in Los Angeles. Celebrities using managers and financial advisors to handle their assets is par for the course in Hollywood, and many entertainers rarely actually track the checks coming in or going out.

We're told Lohan believes the team, and specifically one manager on that team, improperly handled her money.

Lindsay and her family have now launched an internal investigation to comb through her financial records and pinpoint why the $100,000 went unpaid.

The "Mean Girls" star believes her team mishandled her assets and now Detective Lohan is on the case.

The Blast broke the story, LiLo got slapped with a hefty Federal tax lien in the amount of $100,710.55 for the years 2010, 2014 and 2015. During those years she was featured in “Machete” and had a cameo on “2 Broke Girls.

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