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Lil Tay Exposed as a Flexing Fraud, Homes and Cars Belonged to Someone Else

By TheBlast Staff

Turns out Lil Tay is not the youngest flexer of the century, or even the decade, because her Instagram antics have now been exposed as complete B.S.

David Yang is the managing partner of Pacific Evergreen Realty in Vancouver and had been Lil Tay's mom's boss until recently. He told a Canadian news outlet that his Bentley and Mercedes 500 SL were both used in the 9-year-old's profanity laced videos.

Yang said Tay's mommy, Angela Tian, initially asked for her daughter to take a pic with the cars but then filmed videos pretending to own them. Another video featuring Tay showing off a luxury home was actually just an open house for a property that one of Tian's former co-workers was selling.

Yang was adamant that if he knew his cars were going to be featured in Lil Tay's videos, he would have never even agreed to the girl taking a photo with the vehicles.

He also said that Tay's mom was not fired, but is instead resigning after the shame the whole ordeal has caused.

So turns out David Yang from Vancouver is actually the real flexer. Way to go, Yang.

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