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Lego Built a Real-Life, Driveable Bugatti from Over 1 Million Bricks!

By TheBlast Staff

If you thought the Millenium Falcon was too many pieces to build, then you don't know brick.

The folks at Lego have created a life-size, drivable version of their Bugatti Chiron, which was inspired by the actual Bugatti Chiron. It's very meta.

Using over one million parts from Lego Technic, the engineers combined over 2,304 Lego powered motors to make the Bugatti a drivable vehicle.

The car was unveiled Thursday morning in Monza ahead of this weekend's Formula One Italian Grand Prix.

It's a pretty amazing feat ... and speaking of feet ... could you imagine stepping on one million Lego pieces while going to the bathroom in the middle of the night?


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