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Lakers Fans Go Crazy as LeBron James Reportedly Lands in L.A.

By TheBlast Staff

Fans of the Los Angeles Lakers are losing their minds as King James' private jet apparently just touched down in Van Nuys and diehards are hopeful if he really is in town, it's to discuss his future in the NBA.

Ok, so here's what we know so far: LeBron's private jet had been tracked in the last week as it went from Cleveland, to Miami and then to Anguilla. The NBA free-agent had been showing off his tropical paradise as it was announced he was done in Cleveland.

On Saturday morning, the jet took off from Anguilla and landed in Van Nuys, CA shortly after 11 AM, and a passerby claims they got a pic of the aircraft.

Instagram: @nickhamiltonla

James hasn't been spotted yet, but if he's in town it could be about suiting up in the purple & gold. It's also gotta be pointed out that he does own property in Los Angeles, so if he's even on the plane it could just be to hang out.

But, c'mon ... we all know what it really is! As we reported, everyone, including The Game, has been trying to get King James to become a Laker.

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