Kylie Jenner’s Stormi Gets Royal Flower Treatment Like Cousin Chicago

Kylie Jenner‘s daughter is just a week old and already spoiled beyond belief.

As if we had any doubt, the youngest Jenner’s crib is turning into a greenhouse all because of little Stormi. Kylie has been inundated with flower deliveries much like Kim Kardashian was when she welcomed her daughter, Chicago, home last month.

Snapchat: @kylizzlemynizzl

Like her older cousin, Stormi got an over-the-top floral arrangement … but instead of a nickname like Chi, Stormi’s flowers spell out her entire name.

Kylie snapped a pic of the arrangement perfectly set up in front of several butterfly photographs, which just perpetuates the idea that butterflies may have a special meaning which links them to her daughter. Kylie also shared a snap showing off a colorful arrangement in the shape of a massive butterfly. Let’s also remember all the butterfly references in her announcement video that got this whole thing started.

So, like everyone else on the Internet, we’re wondering … Stormi Butterfly Webster???