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Kylie Jenner Stays Covered Up For New Calvin Klein Ad

By TheBlast Staff

Calvin Klein just revealed their new campaign with the Kardashian family, unfortunately they were not able to reveal all of Kylie Jenner who strategically hid her baby bump during the entire photoshoot.

Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, Kendall and Kylie are all featured in the new advertisement, titled "Our Family." It features the girls gleefully snuggling up on a blanket and playing games like "Never Have I Ever." Kylie is very obviously covered up throughout the entire ordeal, with only brief shots of her interaction.

In fact, during the still shots of the girls, Kylie is either underneath or holding a blanket in front of her belly. It's unclear when the campaign was shot, but clearly the family already knew about the pregnancy and were not ready to let the cat outta the bag.

Interesting to note is that Khloé is not covered up, may suggest that the photoshoot was done before Khloé knew she was pregnant.

If CK plays their cards right, this might be an excellent time to launch a new fashionable maternity line.

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