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Kristoff St. John's Death Addressed in 'Young & the Restless,' Fans Left in Tears

By TheBlast Staff

Kristoff St. John's former co-stars have bid farewell to his character on the latest episode of "The Young and the Restless," and fans are pouring out their hearts over the passing of the star on social media.

Fans were wondering how the CBS soap would address Kristoff's death after he passed away in February, and Tuesday, "Y&R" fans finally got their answer.

In the episode, Kristoff's character, Neil Winters, is found by his son Devon, played by Bryton James. Devon comes down the stairs crying after discovering his dad has passed away.

The episode goes on to show the moment his co-stars find out about his character's death. There's lots of tears and no doubt, real-life heartache, but Kristoff's cast mates aren't the only ones struggling to say goodbye to the character he played for nearly three decades.

Kristoff St john Tweets

Some heart-wrenching fan tweets include:

  • "I’m a f*cking mess"

  • "The ending #YR #YoungandtheRestless had me in tears. This will be an emotional week for alot of us"

  • "This Y&R scene where Neil winter’s family learns of his death got me sobbing - I feel like those were some real tears in that scene"

  • "That scene was even more powerful & brilliant watching the heart wrenching emotions play out in unspoken words. I will be bringing out loads of tissues for the next few days"

  • "I’m crying about losing Neil Winters as if I lost my own dad"

This is the first of a four-part episode dedicated to Kristoff's memory. On Thursday, it'll be his character's emotional funeral.

As The Blast reported, Kristoff was found dead in his home on Super Bowl Sunday. According to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner, the star died from hypertrophic heart disease, and investigators noted his heart muscle had “myocardial bridging,” which showed signs of alcohol abuse.



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