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Kris Humphries Laments Life With Kim Kardashian in Retirement Announcement: ‘I Should Have Known What I Was Getting Into’

Kris Humphries announced his retirement from the NBA on Tuesday morning and in reminiscing back on his career, he talked about how he became “that guy” after marrying Kim Kardashian.

In an essay for The Players’ Tribune titled “I Never Wanted to Be That Guy,” Humphries recounted how his entire life changed after the wedding.

“Look, I should have known what I was getting into,” Humpries wrote. “I was definitely naive about how much my life was going to change. But the one thing that really bothers me is whenever people say that my marriage was fake.”

He defended their relationship and marriage, saying it was “100% real.”

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“When it was clear that it wasn’t working … what can I say? It sucked,” Humpries said. “It’s never easy to go through the embarrassment of something like that — with your friends, with your family…. But when it plays out so publicly, in front of the world, it’s a whole other level. It was brutal.”

Humprhies said he went through a very difficult time after the split and was hesitant to go out in public for fear of how he’d be treated.

“I’ll be honest, I dealt with a lot of anxiety, especially in crowds,” Humpries wrote. “There was about a year where I was in a dark place. I didn’t want to leave my home. You feel like … I don’t know … the whole world hates you, but they don’t even know why. They don’t even know you at all. They just recognize your face, and they’re on you.”

He continued, “I didn’t want to be Kris Humphries. It’s the craziest feeling in the world, not wanting to be yourself. And I didn’t even want to say anything to defend myself, because it felt like I couldn’t win. You can’t go up against the tabloids. You can’t go up against that machine. There’s no point. And even if I played that game, I felt like it would be disrespecting the game of basketball.”

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian were married on August 20, 2011 and Kim famously filed for divorce just 72 days later.

Humphries played in the NBA for 14 years, though he hasn’t appeared in a game since the 2016-17 season.