Kodak Black

Police Ordered to Return Kodak Black’s Unreleased Music, Cash and Jewelry

Kodak Black is about to get a bunch of his stuff back.

According to court documents obtained by The Blast, a judge granted Kodak’s motion and ordered the police to return a whole slew of items seized during his arrest earlier this year.

Among the list of items Kodak will soon get back include:

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Red backpack
  • A FedEx envelope with bank documents
  • Check from Lexus
  • LG phone and chargers
  • Hard drive containing original music
  • $2,000 found in a desk
  • $152 found on a nightstand
  • $680 found under a mattress
  • $442 found in a bag
  • $23,253 found in a safe
  • Pair of purple and orange shoes
  • Gold metal Sniper Gang emblem with chain
  • Sniper Gang sweaters, vests, and t-shirts
  • Wall art with Sniper Gang logo
  • Painting with person kneeling and the words “kill bill” and “project baby”
  • Painting with two faces on it
  • Small painting with a face and highlighted gold teeth
  • ZTE flip phone

As The Blast previously reported, Kodak Black struck a deal with prosecutors in his Florida gun and marijuana case and received one year in county jail after facing a much higher maximum of 12 years for violation of probation.

According to court records, Kodak pleaded guilty to two probation violations, including driving on a suspended license and “associating with people committing crimes.”