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Kodak Black Claims Weed and Guns in IG Video Could Be Fake, Gets Some Charges Dropped

By TheBlast Staff

Kodak Black just got a small victory in court, but he wants the full W and is now claiming cannabis and firearms that were filmed on social media, and led to a police raid, can't be proven real because rappers use fake guns and drugs all the time in videos.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Kodak wanted all seven of his violations dismissed, especially the two that sparked a police raid on his Florida home. He claims the cannabis and ammunition that officials witnessed during an "Instagram Live" stream cannot be proven to be real. Kodak's attorney claims that the rapper and his crew "often produce music videos and other promotional videos, as is customary in the industry, using fake firearms and narcotics."

The Blast

He says the two violations should be dismissed because the evidence does not prove that the alleged firearm or ammo in the video was a real firearm and ammo, nor that the alleged cannabis in the video was real cannabis.

Cohen says that because the first two charges against Kodak should have never occurred, he should also have the remaining 5 against him dismissed. He also argues that the weed and guns that were ACTUALLY found during the police raid on Kodak's home cannot be proven to be his, because he claims that there was a recording studio in the house that was used by a "plethora" of other recording artists, friends, and various locals who use his equipment regularly.

Kodak's attorney says he was also on a "nationwide tour" and the rapper was unaware of who may have stayed in his room or home while he was away.

He was partially successful, and a judge signed off on dismissing 3 of his violations: possession of a firearm, grand theft of a firearm, and child neglect. The violations regarding the cannabis and ammunition from the IG video still stand, but we're told he will be continuing to fight the court's decision.

A rep for the Broward State Attorney's Office tells The Blast, "Regarding the other charges, we do not have sufficient evidence to go forward."

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