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Kodak Black Wants Charges to Be Tossed Out and To Be Released

By TheBlast Staff

Kodak Black has filed new documents asking for a hearing in which he will argue there is no probable cause to charge him with anything and he should be released.

Kodak's legal team filed documents asking the court to conduct an adversary preliminary hearing which could determine if the crimes he was arrested for have enough evidence for prosecutors to charge him. Kodak has been adamant that the guns and drugs found in the house are not his, .and for the prosecutors to go after him for this, they must prove that they are his weapons.

The central reason behind his defense is that it was a shared home, and all the items found during the raid are not his. We are told his lawyer Bradford Cohen will also point out to the court the actual lease of the house isn't even in his name.

It will also be noted that everyone had access to the locations in which the items were found in. This fact, Kodak's team claims will leave no way that the prosecutors could pin point any of this stuff was his.

The hearing could include witnesses, video and evidence that Kodak will argue prove his innocence, some of which was taken inside the house during the raid. The prosecutors will most likely point to the video that was streamed on social media showing drugs and guns in the home.

As far as the probation violations, Kodak's position is that they are based on the arrest, and if those charges don't stick, he should be released.

it will be an uphill battle for the prosecutors to go forward with the violation of parole if they cant stick him with the items found.

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