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Kim Kardashian Shares Rare Nude 'Photo' of Marilyn Monroe ... Turns Out It's a Fake

By TheBlast Staff

Kim Kardashian shared an alleged rare nude photograph of Marilyn Monroe on social media on Thursday ... but the print ain't exactly what it appears to be.

Turns out the artful nude in question is just that: ART.

The Blast tracked down Jeffrey Yarber, the artist behind the piece, who tells us the "photograph" is one of thousands of celebrity fantasy artworks he has digitally created and sold over the years. In other words, he created the photo, it isn't an actual topless Monroe photoshoot.

Kim's hardly the first to share the Marilyn portrait, and Kardashian is so art savvy that she probably knew it wasn't genuine, but tons of people thought it was legit.

As for the faux photo, Yarber says, "Fakes is a genre, I, and about four other fellows, originated. My artworks are marketed around the world, and are offered in just about every medium there is."

Yarber tells us people -- including respected galleries -- often mistake his prints for originals, but he doesn't like to correct them, adamant that his pieces are "virtually real, depicting the actual subjects in actual settings, without flaw."

It might be fake, but it's still real hot.

Jeffrey Yarber

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