Kim Kardashian Lawyer

Kim Kardashian Praised as Amazing Asset to Legal World by Top Celebrity Attorney

Kim Kardashian won’t have to worry about a job once she passes the bar exam — not because she’s rich — but because there’s already one of the most prominent law firms in the world that wants her to join the team.

Powerhouse attorney Marty Singer tells The Blast, “I think it is great that Kim is studying to be a lawyer.” Singer, who successfully handles some of Kim’s legal work, including aggressive litigation, says the reality star “actively participates with us on her cases because she really grasps complicated issues and is extremely inquisitive.”

Kardashian got courtrooms around the country excited Wednesday morning after she revealed her legal aspirations to Vogue, including passing the bar exam by 2022.

Back in 2017, Mrs. Kanye West had also expressed an interest in law and said she wanted to intern with Shawn Holley and Howard Weitzman, two of her other attorneys.

Singer also sees a rising legal star in Kardashian, and says, “I believe that she will be a terrific lawyer and will be an asset to any firm that hires her, including our own.”